Cuisinart Multiclad Pro vs Tri-Ply

They say that it’s unwise to form attachments to material things. Yet we live in a very materialistic world, so it’s pretty much impossible not to have a couple of favorite things. For some, it’s a piece of hardware, for others it’s cookware.

What are your favorite tools of the profession? Having your mind set on one particular type of cookware can definitely improve your overall cooking experience.

But sometimes it’s hard to pick just one kitchenware set as there are too many on the market nowadays. That is why we have prepared two sets of ideal quality and superb features for you to review.

We will address the matter of pros and cons and evaluate each product objectively. This way, you can focus on properties that you find most important in kitchenware and choose a product with certainty.

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro



  • Great heat conductivity
  • Durable and very easy to use
  • Neat design
  • Easy to clean and maintain its shine


  • Thicker than most sets, therefore, heavier as well
  • Doesn’t feature a standard non-stick finish
  • Two skillets don’t come with lids, and the existing covers for pots aren’t compatible

Because you want nothing but the best for yourself, the cookware that you use should be of top-notch quality as well. Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12-piece set is great for so many reasons. It’s no wonder that professionals in the cooking industry favor this set in particular.

It’s made from brushed, high-quality stainless steel that’s durable with superb heat conductivity properties. Although not lightweight, the handles feel natural in hand. It’s relatively easy to use as you’ll surely find out for yourself once you start cooking. It looks stylish and isn’t hard to maintain its’ shine. With a bright mirror finish, you won’t have fingerprints all over your cookware.

The set includes:

  • Two saucepans with lids ( 1,5 and 3 quarts)
  • Two open skillets ( 8 and 10 inches)
  • One saute pan with lid ( 3,5 quarts)
  • One stockpot with lid
  • One steamer insert with lid

As one can notice, this set features everything you need to start cooking right away. Nothing’s missing, and you won’t have to buy any kitchen utensils additionally. They look flashy and cool, but how do they perform?

Well, they’re very easy to use. The aluminum core allows for quick and efficient heat distribution throughout the cooking surface. You won’t have those annoying hot spots to worry about when using this set. Overall it’s a great set, the price is more than reasonable, and most importantly, it will last you a lifetime.

Cuisinart Tri-Ply 12 Piece Set

Cuisinart Tri-Ply vs multiclad


  • Tri-ply construction offers excellent heat conductivity and durability
  • Stylish design with a finely polished finish
  • Pan features a non-stick finish


  • Best performance only on high heat stoves
  • Riveted handles make cleaning complicated
  • Lids aren’t safe for oven use

This Tri-Ply Cuisinart set of 12-pieces will be a fine addition to your kitchen accessories. It features a finely polished finish, riveted handles, and excellent heat conductivity properties. It’s a complete set with the only thing that’s missing being necessary kitchen utensils like cooking forks and spatulas. The best ones to use with stainless steel cookware are silicone, wooden, and plastic utensils. They won’t scratch the surface no matter how you use them.

Made from a Tri-Ply blend of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, the set is very durable and has a long lifespan. Provided that you maintain and use it properly, the cookware from this set won’t discolor, bend, or lose any of its properties. Also, there are no hot spots when cooking with Cuisinart Tri-Ply set.

The set includes:

  • Three saucepans with lids ( 1.5, 3.0 and 3.5 quarts)
  • One 8 quart stockpot with lid
  • One 8-inch skilled
  • One 10-inch non-stick skillet
  • One 8-inch steamer insert with lid

Because it has a thicker base, this set performs best on high-heat stoves. Medium and low heat performance is acceptable but not impressive. However, it’s always best to start with low heat when cooking, and only once the pan is preheated increases the temperature on the burner.

The good news is that it’s dishwasher-safe, but also oven compatible. The lids, however, can withstand temperatures up to 500 ° K. So if you’re planning to cook food on higher temperatures, it’s best to cover the cookware with something else (aluminum foil, steel lid, etc.)


Although both sets are made from stainless steel, the tri-ply blending method has its advantages. Better heat conductivity at the cost of lower maximum heat that it can endure; both sets have something to offer.

Depending on what are your preferred features in cookware, you may focus on superb non-stick properties or durability, or maybe even usability. The important thing is that with this review of both products, you can choose one that fits you and your cooking methods the most.

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